Climatella v1

Climatella is an innovative platform designed to facilitate the discovery and exploration of climate-friendly brands and businesses.

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Scope: Front-end (WeWeb)
Tools: Weweb, Xano

Project Goal

The primary objective was to deploy a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to gather insights from initial users. A second version of the app will be built based on those feedbacks.

Design Phase

We began the project by gathering references and inspiration from brands and products in the ecology sector. This step helped us establish the tone and overall feel for the user interface. It allowed us to craft a first styleguide for the project.
Following this, we designed the screens based on the wireframes.

Development Phase

We quickly started implementing the design in WeWeb.
We are using Xano as our backend. It holds the search logic and provids API endpoints for displaying dynamic search results..
The use of reusable colors and components allowed us to iterate fast based on initial feedback and the addition of new features.

Visit the app
Climatella search page
This is the Discover page where users search for brands based on keywords.
Brand page
The brand detail page features information about the brand and alternatives.
Skeleton component
Looking for brands can take some time. Skeletons loaders were added to improve the waiting experience.
Similar brands carousel
Carousels are a great way of displaying brands without taking much vertical space.
Eco-brands directory
There are 2 directories in the app — the user can filter and sort brands based on interests.
Profile page
The user page features the likes and dislikes brands. These pages can be shared publicly.