Climatella v2

Climatella is an innovative platform designed to facilitate the discovery and exploration of climate-friendly brands and businesses.

Pince forest from above
Climatella v2 demo video
Scope: Front-end (WeWeb)
Tools: Weweb, Supabase

Project Goal

This project represents the second iteration of the Climatella application. Climatella curates sustainable products and offers an easy-to-search directory for users to browse through them.

Development Phase

I started the WeWeb integration based on mockups provided by the product designer.
We used the Supabase integration to query and display all of the products on the different screens.

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Climatella hero section
The hero section of the homepage feature a background video to invite the user in Climatella's universe.
Browse products page
Carousels allows us to display the main categories while giving the option to browse through more.
Skeleton component
Users have multiple ways of narrowing down products: a search bar or the filters.
Filter dropdowns
Filters are hidden inside dropdowns.
Sorting dropdown
Products can be sorted on different criterias.
B Corp Certified section
Some sections have animations to make the site more dynamic.
Header of the Mission page
Nice typography, shapes and patterns makes for pleasing website.